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Frequently asked questions

General questions

Prezzee Business is the one portal you will need to send one or many eGift cards in bulk from your business to your recipients. 

Prezzee Business is used for so many gifting reasons. See some example use cases below:
Human Resources / EA's: Send to employees as a thank you, long service recognition, overtime, special events, praise.
Marketing: Use as an acquisition or retention tool. Referral Campaigns, Maximise optimisation funnels via online store. Save up to 30% by setting your own activation expiry date.
Operations: recognition for overtime, refund as a gift card as opposed to cash
Sales: Competitions and Prizes for events or behaviour change.   

On the Prezzee Business dashboard, you can place a single or bulk order. You can choose to send out an order with the same eGift card and the same message to multiple recipients OR you can upload a CSV with detailed information for different eGift cards and different messaging.

Prezzee Business is absolutely FREE to use, no account fees, no registration fees and no delivery fees for email gifts. We charge a flat 1.15% for checking out with a corporate credit card (VISA, MasterCard and AMEX) and a 60p SMS fee however delivery by SMS is optional. 

Yes! We have a gift tracker in the dashboard which shows whether the gift has been delivered, opened, failed or bounced. For those gifts that are failed or bounced, you can amend the gift email and messaging. For those gifts that are just 'delivered' you can update and resend the gift. 

You can check out with a corporate VISA, AMEX or MasterCard (surcharge 1.15%), apply a bank transfer to the order, or pre-load your account with a float by selecting 'Deposit Funds' on the dashboard homepage. All eGift cards are sent out upon receipt of payment. 

Your business can have multiple accounts with Prezzee business and multiple users within each account. 

Receiving, redeeming and using your gift card.

Lucky you! Follow these steps to claim and starting using your Prezzee gift card.

1. Locate the gift email and click Unwrap your gift.  If you are asked for a PIN, remember to take note of the 4-digit PIN, you'll need it to unlock your gift! If you don’t have a PIN, you’ll skip this stage and go to stage 3.

2. If you have a PIN, the gift page will launch and you’ll be asked to enter the 4-digit PIN to unlock your Gift Card.

3. Sign in or create a Prezzee account to save your Gift Card.

Once you have signed in or logged in to your new Prezzee account, your Gift Card will be in your Prezzee Wallet, ready to use or swap to a brand of your choice. 

You can use your gift card from the Prezzee App/Wallet, or you can print to use! 

See How to print an eGift Card.

If you have received a Prezzee Smart eGift Card, you can swap the eGift Card for a retailer eGift Card of your choice by clicking Swap Now

See more about How to Swap your Prezzee Smart eGift Card.

eGift Cards should be treated like cash. For more information on signing up for a Prezzee account, please see Sign up for a Prezzee Account

Got questions about how to receive, redeem or use your gift card? Visit our hub and get answers to all your redemption questions. 

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